Biden’s Plan To Reduce Greenhouse Emissions 50% by 2030

Joe Biden announced that the United States goal is to reduce greenhouse emissions by 50% by 2030.  Is this an achievable goal? Will our daily lives change trying to achieve this goal? Reducing greenhouse emissions 50% by 2030 is highly ambitious-double the goal set during the Obama administration. On top of that, the Trump Administration backtracked on environmental progress by leaving the Paris Climate Agreement. Joe Biden has a serious amount of work to get done to reach this goal, however, it IS necessary, and it IS possible.

The greenhouse effect is when greenhouse gases get trapped in the atmosphere, and as a result, heating the Earth. What will happen if we do not reduce emissions? For most reliable basic information, visit WorldWildlife.Org. Sea levels will rise effecting over 1 billion people by 2050, yes that is in our lifetime. Heatwaves, flooding, and destruction of habitats of plants and animals will be destroyed. The artic will no longer exist. Air pollution is progressively getting worse. So what do we do?

Biden’s first step towards turning the economy green is to tackle the infrastructure. The main part of the infrastructure talked about so far is flipping the transportation industry. During initial talks and interviews, skeptics claim that Biden and Congress do not have a concrete plan because the Administration has not given details to the press on how to reach this goal. The common consensus regarding this “plan” is that it will take multiple pathways, and multiple levels. This means there is no yes or no answer that will make the population satisfied.

One thing to consider is the status of the climate that Biden was given. His predecessor gave Biden 4 years of careless environmental decisions that Biden is responsible for repairing and catching up on. There are VARIOUS sectors that need to be environmentally improved, so it would be impossible to go over a detailed plan from jump. Biden picked a starting point; working on the infrastructure, and will reveal more details as the situation develops itself.

According to Biden, turning the country green will be great for the economy by creating jobs. There is much talk of Biden wanting auto mechanics to become energy vehicle mechanics, and engineers developing charging stations throughout cities for this new vision. The auto-industry is on board with switching to electric cars for the future. According to’s article “How to Cut U.S. Emissions in Half by 2030”, two thirds of cars sold would have to be electric in order to achieve the White House Goal, with a starting point of 1% of electric cars on the road today. We are switching from coal mines to EV batteries, electric vehicles, vertical farming, and a more efficient agricultural system. These new green markets will produce plentiful job opportunities. One thing Biden has not initiated, is the U.S. cutting back beef intake.

The Meat Reduction Proposal Controversy

Sorry vegans, but Biden DOES NOT plan on reducing U.S. meat consumption. It was just a rumor that had started.

“He reiterated that emissions from livestock production could be addressed by innovations like feed additives or methane capture technology.”

Biden Isn’t Banning Meat, USDA Chief Says

The Administration’s plan is to offer financial incentives to farmers to adopt cleaner farming practices in order to reduce carbon emissions. Biden is focused on cleaner feed, and innovative technology, and does not want to talk about restricting American diets.


I’m proud to have an administration that is taking climate change seriously by setting the ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse emissions by 50% by 2030. It will take multiple levels- local, state, and federal- to work together to find the solutions to make this goal happen. Every sector needs to be made environmentally friendly, and we’ll reach that goal together one step at a time. Thank you, Biden, for caring about our future here on Earth!

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